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Teaching and learning from experts

All classes at (or around) £10 per hour

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What We Do

How It Works

Weekly Classes

Online classes will take place once a week in your chosen subject/course, with our hand-picked, outstanding subject teachers.

Independent Study Videos

Each session is recorded and made available to our learners online to catch-up on a missed topic or if you just need a quick reminder.

Continual Learning Checks

Learning will be monitored and reinforced through work in the lessons and independent work that will be given.

Personalised Progress Plans

Each learner will be given a personalised progress plan, with actionable steps to improve on your own areas of development.

What You Get

Dedicated Teaching

Everyone can think of a subject from school that they didn’t enjoy, mainly because of the way it was taught. This cannot be understated over overlooked. Teaching is a profession that requires the most engaging, enthusiastic and most dedicated individuals to truly bring a subject to life and get the best out of learners in the class. Together with a willing recipient, this is most powerful way to make learning take place. This is our first and foremost focus here at O&U Tuition.

Support That Maximises Success

We have designed our service to allow us to support you in the best possible way as we understand that success in learning is built on supporting the process of learning. Whether this support is in the form of our in-class learning checks, or our out-of-class independent study resources, we are focused solely on the progress and success of our learners. We also offer an online forum where learners can ask questions they may have and get answers from other fellow learners or teachers.

Unbeatable Value and Convenience

We have also designed our service with the aim of making it as accessible as possible for learners from all walks of life. We have done this by offering unbeatable value in the price, but also making our service extremely convenient to access (from any internet-enabled device) and to review at any time (using our recorded classes platform).

Do the Maths

Tuition is tailored support to meet the needs of the individuals to ensure success. Seize the advantage.


of learners are able to improve their projected achievement by one or two grades – even after as little as ten hours of tuition! (according to UK based research into the effectiveness of tuition on GCSE attainment). That’s going from from a C to a B, or even an A grade!


of learners in London alone, have used private tuition to improve attainment. This is how the best and brightest are able to get ahead and achieve higher grades at the end of their studies. This applies for young children, teenagers and adults alike. Take charge!


of learners improve their academic ability following tuition. From additional specialist input, to additional time spent practicing their skills, all learners are able to benefit from tuition. The end result being, improved confidence, improved academic ability and improved grades.

"Loved how lessons are conducted! Very easy to pick up and follow."

Kim, Mother
GCSE English Customer

"Was a little unsure going in but there’s a lot that I picked up from these sessions"

Sam, Learner
A-level Maths Customer

"I was worried that my son wouldn’t progress as much with other students in the session. He managed to get on with it with little hassle"

Faye, Mother
GCSE Maths Customer

"The quarantine panicked my daughter about her grades. The class gave her a lot more confidence. Thanks everyone!"

Ade, Father
KS3 Science Customer

"Great quality and great value!"

James, Learner
A-Level English Literature Customer

"Would highly recommend!"

Zara, Learner
GCSE Spanish Customer